Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Russia Loves Innovation - Part 2

This is a continuation from the Monday post on the same subject. Just some pictures from my homeland.

23. Just some pretty balconies.

24. Pretty roads and manholes.

25. Some more. Plus a pedestrian walk so old you can't see it from afar.

26. Heart of the city, sidestreet.

27. Right next to it, a bank.

28. Two, actually.

29. This is how bank employees park their cars.

30. I mean you have to admit, it's pretty comfortable. Petition, anyone? Let's park on the pedestrian walks!

32. This used to be a playground.

33. These fully legal garages will supposedly have to be demolished (at the cost of the owners) so that somebody's 20-year-old niece slash billionaire could build a house there.

34. Functioning office.

36. Federal Security Bureau (formerly known as the KGB).

37. See the "A" sign? Means only public transport can go down that lane. See the white Audi on the lane? The owner must've wanted to be a bus driver when he was growing up.

38. Some more nifty electricity work.

39. "Police" works in this building. Says everything about the state of this institution, does it?

40. A dog lives here.

41. This used to be my playground.

42. A close-up for the far-sighted.

43. More nifty electricity cables.



Loeffle said...

Makes me sad, as I can feel how you feel when seeing all this. Especially your playground ...

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