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Berlin Nightlife | Best Bars and Kneipen in Berlin

Bars in Berlin

Berlin is a city of individualists, wannabes, hipsters, people who think they are alternative (the most commonly used word in the neighborhood, I swear), Wahlberliners, artists and other special people.

The awesome thing is that all of these people will find something that suits their interests. Of course the most popular place of deployment for all these types is a bar. Now, a bar in Berlin is something special and stopping by for a bottle or a glass of beer is a must for any person who considers themselves a true Berliner even for a short while (the true species is supposedly extinct, but you catch the drift).

Berlin bar crawl, anyone?

It ain’t hard to go on a bar or a pub crawl in Berlin. All you need to do is to deliver yourself to one of the nightlife packed streets in the city which include but are not limited to:

Simon-Dach-Straße in Friedrichshain
Oranienstraße in Kreuzberg
Oranienburger Straße in Mitte
Weserstraße + Pannierstraße in Neukölln
Kastanienalle + Ebertswalder Straße in Prenzlauer Berg

Once there, you can freely go from bar to bar and establish your own favorite locations, but my recommendations would include

I am slightly biased as I am a Rixdorfer Süße myself, it’s a bar pretty much around the corner from where I am located, but do believe me when I say it is worth a visit. It is spacious and cozy at the same time, the light is just perfect for an evening out with your friends or with someone you have a special interest in. They are open daily from 7p.m. and offer a wide range or drinks and cocktails. They have a wide selection of drinks (and you'll like the prices) and are popular among a young local and not so local crowd.

SPECIAL: Every Wednesday they have vegetarian/vegan Volxküche (in German) which means you can get a huge plate of tasty food for however much you're willing to spend. And my however much I mean 1-4EUR. 2EUR being the net cost. Highly recommended!

Special: Every Sunday you are invited to join the broadcast of Tatort (…German CSI, hello!)

Address: Mareschstraße 1, Neukölln

Berlin Bars - Couchsurfing bar - Soupanova
A Thursday night hangout of Couchsurfers in Berlin. I make no secret of being a screaming fangirl of Couchsurfing and so it would only be logical to include this location to the list. Every week the bar sees from 20 to 80 people show up for the 8pm meet up. There is a separate room with more or less an open mic for anyone who wishes to perform or say what’s on their mind. Every once in a while a nice DJ will pop up or someone will bring equipment for a Silent Disco (something I personally have yet to experience).

It’s not all about the CS community though (although clearly many visitors have it on their to do list in Berlin), Soupanova has something or a party happening every night, so Thursday night is not the only time when you can have fun there.

Address: Stargarder Str. 24, Prenzlauer Berg

Queer bars

Now, the queer scene is not all about leather clubs and other limited-interest spheres. There are a ton and more nice places to start the weekend off (or finish a boring weekday with) and I would recommend the following:

Queer Berlin bar - Silver Future

Best queer bar in all of Berlin, hands down. Great music, cheap drinks (beer starting at 1.50EUR), sweet bartenders, good performances, awesome interior. Bonus: friendly atmosphere and frequent visitors' dogs walking around. Every time I’ve been there, it’s always full, so if you want to score a seat, don’t come too late.

Address: Weserstr. 206, Neukölln

Almost a direct opposite to Silver Future, Roses Bar is a gay stereotype from head to toe. I have one phrase for you: plush pink walls. That’s right. Plush and pink. You want to see it, really. Bonus: hot & well-behaved bar tenders and cool tunes from the DJ. Again, if you come later than 10pm on a Friday night, you’re going to have to be standing against a plush wall with your beer bottle pressed into your chest… Which might not be so bad, honestly.

Address: Oranienstr. 187, Kreuzberg

Have a fun night out, yea?


foufoukoh said...

well now you have to go more south to find the best spots. try the Helmut Kohl in Emserstr, Neukölln

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