Monday, April 4, 2011

Russia Loves Innovation - Part 1

Russia (or rather the government in Russia and all state organs as well as all state-owned mass media) claims it is rapidly developing, we put innovations to the forefront, take care of our people, build a better country. And so on.

The pictures below were taken at the end of March '11. The city in question is Krasnodar. For an unknown to me reason, some people refer to it as our little Paris. See for yourself exactly how much resemblance to Paris it bears.

1. Russian people love innovation of all sorts. Especially what concerns renovation and electricity works. FYI, pictured is the capital of the region that is going to host the 2014 Winter Olympics.

2. This ain't the 70's or the 80's, more like 2011.

3. Fancy living in downtown in Krasnodar?

4. Comes with a comfy parking space.

6. The roads and, more importantly, the pavements are a delight. Just mind your step, will ya?

7. This is a street exactly two blocks away from the regional administration, by the way. And about 5 blocks away from the President's representative office.
8. Wanna dry clean some clothes?

9. Broken water pipe in broad daylight in the center of the city. Just another Russian reality.

10. Someone couldn't make it to the garbage collector. Probably several people, too. Why bother.

11. These houses are not deserted, someone actually lives there.

12. Same lovely buildings.

13. Russians do love their meat. The title screams FRESH MEAT, twice. That's very poetically queer.

14. Some sexy outfits for your wife?

15. Beautiful construction site in the middle of the city.

16. See these two pieces of crap on the ground? You think they're just lying there? Nuh-uh. That's the way you normally cover a hole in Russia.

17. Market.

18. "Multimedia store: movies, music, computer games". Do stop by. They have all the licenses, too.

19. Now. How else can you stop cars from parking where you don't want them to? Of course you install a self-made barrier, dummy!

20. Dentistry.

21. My fellas, marshrutka drivers on their much deserved break after some hectic driving and rules breaking on the road.

22. All hail to United Russia! All hail!

FYI, Krasnodar and the region are third only to Moscow and St. Petersburg in terms of development, so you can get an idea of how developed other parts of Russia are.


Mari said...

It's really amazing!Some East Germany (well, former East Germany that is) cities have a similar allure.
Their center is completely being restored,the facades are beautiful...but if you make a little walk, you will find many such views.

I've never been to Russia and I wish I would soon, in spite of all this "innovation" ;-)

True story said...

Exactly! Basically you have the area tourists and officials go to, a very small area, and then there's the area where locals go and these are two completely different things. Talk about contrast.

I think in general Russia is worth visiting. I might take the Transsiberian one day myself. ;)

Johan said...

We are boarding the Litvinov on May 12 on a Russian waterway cruise (Moscow to St Petersburg)and trust that we won't experience any resemblances of what is shown here.Reminds me too much of Africa.Looking forward to see Russia. Johan Schwartz, South Africa

True story said...

Hi Johan,

I'm sure it will be a good experience. I've never had any cruises in Russia, but I'd be willing to do that (after a Transsiberian trip o'course). Truth be told, it's not only cities and towns in Russia that look like that, at times I was amazed by the urban ugliness like this of some European capitals, just dozens of meters away from all the touristic areas.

Good luck with your journey!

Loeffle said...

Remembers me a lot of when I first visited Poland and the Baltic States in (I think) 2003. But much has changed since then.
So it is possible to change things - if money goes where it should, and not into certain pockets...

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