Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Istanbul Chronicles: Bosphorus tour, fish sandwich, bagels

Day 5

Took another Bosphorus tour and finally had the famous fish sandfish. The fish itself tastes great (straight out of the water onto the grill), but the bun and the half a kilo of raw onions? Not so much. Fresh pomegranate juice is a must here though. Also sesame bagels are a must. Bagel lover will be my next nickname.

On Sundays, it seems, everybody sleeps in at least until noon. Sunday night, however, turned out to be even busier than the night on Friday, a lot of trade going on, lots of people shuffling around, the city was vibrant.

All in all, a really cool and unusual trip, never expected to enjoy it so much. Lots of walking (hills all around), chilling, gazing, interaction with people, cats galore and memorable minutes and hours.


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