Sunday, October 21, 2012

I remember the time

I remember waking up and having nowhere to go except buy breakfast. Breakfast in our headquarters usually consisted of fresh Schrippen or maybe delicious toasts with some vegetarian spread and a slice of cucumber on top or possibly a leaf of salad. That's just for starters, of course. A peanut butter toast would follow, as well as a generous cup of fresh-brewed espresso.

None of that would be complete without a timely morning digest of the things that happened online and in the world in the last 8+ hours or so. An array of travel blogs and tweets, who went where and did what, a few news articles and columns to keep in touch with reality, maybe the latest episode of one of my shows for dessert.

Depending on the weather and further plans (or lack of those), I would slowly finish my Internet roamings and nice Berliner-ish breakfast and take up to an hour to get ready to go out. Take a shower, brush my teeth (always with the water turned off), dry my hair and put on some color-matching ensemble on.

Once outside, one could only dream of a wider choice of where to direct one's feet. Maybachufer with its goods market and a flock of artists and performers? Treptower Park and its tender atmosphere of no-stress? Wiener Strasse and my favorite Vietnamese diner? Or maybe a bike ride to Halensee and its FKK beach? You name it, it's all there.

Ah, life is good in Berlin.

Especially the morning and the evenings. The mornings for their breakfasts and brunches (am I food-dependant, or what?) and evenings for their companies: for old friends and new acquiantances. For beer at places like Silver Future or some other neighborhood bar. Ah, life is good in Berlin.


Marianna Salvalaio said...

so what are you up to now?new travels?back to Berlin some time soon?

Irina Sazonova said...

I've back home for a little over a year now, but I've also been on several trips since then, twice in Berlin. And actually I'll be there again starting next Sunday, both for work and fun... I hear the fall has been beautiful there. Alas, it appears the weather might just shift next weekend.

Anonymous said...

When will see your next post (or travel)?
Miss your writing :)

Irina Sazonova said...

Hey hey!
Happy New Year! You have a blog now, eh? :)
Me, I don't know, perhaps, one day. I travelled too much in 2012, I must say. And I didn't think I'd ever say that.

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