Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 43-44: Porto: pastéis de nata, catfish and rock

A few words about Porto, Portugal:

It is charming, cheap and warm. It’s also pretty, charismatic and a little bit village-like. And if you ever wondered if you should stop by and if it’s actually worth it, the answer is a resounding yes!

Portuguese did not sound similar to Spanish to me. It was more like a mix of Polish, Turkish and Armenian.

The city itself has a fantastic old town; the distances are not long, but there are a lot of hills, so you might consider wearing really comfortable tennis shoes or something along those lines.

Pastry is divine in Porto. It melts on your tongue and makes you look up to the sky in delight. I defy anyone who does not try pastéis de nata (it originally comes from Lisbon, but can be found anywhere in Portugal). Of course every restaurant will also offer you their musing on the topic of catfish, just as will any supermarket.

Porto also marks the beginning of my official cooking obsession (more on that in one of the upcoming posts).

If you have never seen the Atlantic Ocean or any ocean for that matter (like myself), you can do so in Porto. And yes, it’s different from a sea, although people might tell you otherwise.

I was hosted by the bass guitarist from The Mad Dogs and he helped me make Porto a special experience, I was present at their Friday night rehearsal where I also realized that I like Portuguese beer and that watching people perform up close is actually kind of fun. Location for the rehearsal? Not a garage or anything dodgy, but a former shopping center that is now home to the rock scene of Porto. Worth checking out if you’re into rock.

But... today talk is crap, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Emily said...

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