Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 29-35: Friedrichshain, Falafel, Flammkuchen, Madonna party

Everything revolves around food, everywhere.

I had my first taste of a falafel here in Neukölln one night as I was coming from some party. It was very good, but would’ve been better without the cheese, so I’ll know better the next time.

A fellow couchsurfer and now a buddy of mine that I regularly hang out with out went for dinner at Friedrichshain the other night and ended up eating Flammkuchen. I was really looking forward to it, because I remember eating that in a little restaurant in Alsace and it was finger-licking good. Berlin’s version of a Flammkucken is a thick pizza without tomato sauce. This is not to say it was bad and I refused to eat it (duh!), but it wasn’t authentic, I like the combination of onions and feta cheese though. It was a place next to a movie theater called Intimes Kino on Boxhagener str., if I recall correctly. They also had no toilet paper available. The demons!

And while I am on the topic of food, I would appreciate it if somebody could recommend one or several places in Berlin where I could have a good tiramisu, I’m a big, big fan.

This weekend also saw me not going to the Madonna party that I’d been waiting for for a while. I burned out a little bit, probably. And also nobody wanted to go all that much. Maybe because the entrance was 9EUR?.. Which seems extreme for Berlin’s usual damping prices. Instead of that, my Polish buddy and I did a mini pub crawl of our own that lasted again until the wee hours of the morning. Prior to that, the same evening I stopped by another Couchsurfer’s meet-up dedicated to Russendisko, a party I promised to myself I will not attend anymore. But the couchsurfers as usual are great people, in my 1.5 hours there I met an admirer of the Russian language who I will meet one of the these days, a Persian guy who seems to like a good conversation and a Mexican guy who brought "real tequila", I’m not knowledgeable enough to be able to tell how real and unreal tequilas are different from each other, but the shot itself was nice. The snack was fried grasshoppers, but I passed. For now. I’ll save that for my stint on Fear Factor.


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