Sunday, February 20, 2011

Berlin Special: Berlinale, the winners!

And so the cat is out of the bag, the Bears have been awarded and the full list of the Berlin Film Festival winners is to be found here.

Out of the entire winners list (incl. special mentions) I saw Apflickorna, Stadt Land Fluss and tomorrow I'll be watching Ausente. The one movie I wanted to see and didn't was Tomboy (it went on to receive the Teddy Jury Award), it immediately sprang to my eye as I held the festival program in my hands, but it didn't work out with the showtimes for me.

As the winners were being announced next door, I was watching the Korean Ashamed (Chang-Pi-Hae). I must admit that I always have a hard time with Asian movies and that's exactly why I watch so few of them, but I once again decided to give oriental film industry a chance and try to expand my horizons.

As of a couple of days I have a flu, so maybe that would explain why I thought the film was supposed to start at 7.30pm instead of 7.00pm... [With all my vast movie-going experience, this has never happened to me before.] Of course I only realized that once I was on the bus and wanted to check if I still had the ticket (OCD) It was 6.50pm. Each ticket specifically says there's no late admittance, so I debated leaving the bus and going home, but that would mean I'd miss the Berlinale Nighttalk, so I continued the trip to Potsdamer Platz. At 7.15pm I was there and the two sweet guys at the entrance let me in. Surprisingly enough, I had the entire second row to myself. On a Saturday night, in a Berlinale film showing.

The first ten minutes were a bit confusing and I thought it was because I came in so late, but later it turned out the entire film was like that. It provided some stunning scenes and great camera work, but it was a bit hard to follow the story itself. A synopsis would say that it's the story of love and break-up of two young Korean women, but that would not do the movie justice. Oftentimes the movie jumps from scene to scene, sometimes accompanied by surrealistic dreams, sometimes by flashbacks. I guess it would be right to call it odd and also it perfectly falls into the category of a festival film. It's interesting to watch just the one time at a movie theater and for me personally it's not the type of film I'd sit all the way through at home. But nevertheless, it was mostly fun to watch it.

Berlinale Nighttalk took place about 15m from where I saw the film, so it wasn't hard to find my way around. Today it was extremely full and, so to speak, star-studded, here are just a few pictures:

The Forgiveness of Blood producer and director (hidden behind Knut Elstermann, the host)

Festival director Dieter Kosslick*

Cameraman for The Turin Horse

Audience 1

Audience 2

* Dieter claimed that 99.9% of the tickets were sold out. While in reality, I think, it's a bit less than that -> 3 films out 5 that I've seen so far were not fully sold out.


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